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What color eyeshadow should I wear with a purple sparkly dress?

I have tan skin, light brown hair, and brown eyes. I'm wearing this dress to a college winter formal.What color eyeshadow should I wear with a purple sparkly dress?
i wouldnt match my shadow to my dress. i would definatly do a smokey sultry eye. light lips. heres a template that you could follow.鈥?/a>What color eyeshadow should I wear with a purple sparkly dress?
If it were me, I'd wear grey or green tones to bring out my eyes and contrast nicey with with your purple dress.
a shimmery gray
Dark gray or medium gray highlighted by very light gray/white would look terrific. Purple shadow will likely clash with your dress. If you are going to overstate your fabric, understate your makeup, but DO use lip liner to define and enhance your lips. Best of Luck!
a light lilac shade with a deep plum shade on the outer corner...and a hint of brown/black eyeliner..try a cream to powder loreal...hope that helped..a purple shade will bring out ur tan
wear a very very light shade of green, as it compliments tanned skin tones and the colour purple. If you don't like green, wear an icy blue eyeshadow, as it will go well with your dress. have a nice time at your formal xox
Blue always works.
I'd go for the smokey eye look, with eyeliner and sorta charcoal grey. If you didn't like that, you could go for green. I think either one would look good =)
there is this trio eyeshadow made by Almay and it's for brown eyes...its cream, brown and looks really nice and would look wonderful with your dress!
same color as the dress
I'm surprised people think your eyeshadow should match your dress... I would wear a lighter shade, like white or silver (soften it so it doesn't stand out too much).
I say grey. I do NOT say purple. Your makeup shouldn't always match your outfit. Your dress sounds pretty flashy so I think if you were wearing purple and purple it would be too much.
purple would be great!
Definatly light blue!
I would say purple or grey.
charcoal grey?
dark navy blue, and purple highlights. that would be pretty!
i would wear a neutral color. make it look natural!!
Something in a shade of grey. You want something kind of quiet if your dress is sparkly.
smokey grey shadow
A shade of dark purple.
A blueish purplish color, because it looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!
You could wear purple, but along the crease make it a lighter color.
I think gray, with a shimmer to it. I don't think you should add another shade of purple because it's such a strong color that can be easily overdone.
Wear a charcoal color - go with smokey eyes if it's for a night on the town.
I think with tan skin and brown eyes you should use a coppery gold shade. That would look great on you. Don't do purple eyeshadow. I hate when people match their makeup with their clothes...ghetto. These are some shadows I recommend. These are all MAC shadows:

Amber Lights(peachy brown w/golden shimmer)

Rice Paper(peachy golden shade)

Mythology(crowning copper)

Tempting(rich coco)

Hope this helps
Either a dark blue if your skintone is dark, or perhaps a nice white/silver. If you're using white/silver make sure not to over do it. Very LIGHTLY!
a very subtle light shade of purple
I would definitely go easy on the makeup since the dress seems to be the focal point. I agree with the gray's and maybe even a light green (very subtle). It sounds like you are young so you can get away with a more daring look with makeup but if you go that route go easy on the hair. You want to look naturally beautiful, not like a clown. Try maybe a charcoal around the eyes only and a little white shimmer below the brow. Light lipstick, lots of mascara and a bit of blush. Have fun!!

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